50 Volunteer Activities for Seniors: A Guide to Making a Difference

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Senior ladies, it’s time to give back! Volunteering is a great way to stay active and connected with your local community. Whether you are interested in lending a hand to the environment or helping out at a local charity, there are plenty of volunteer activities for seniors available across the country.

From mentoring younger generations to spending time in nature, volunteering provides an opportunity to make meaningful contributions while having fun along the way. Let’s explore some of the exciting volunteer activities available for seniors today!

50 Volunteer Activities for Seniors that are Women

We’ve compiled a list of 50 ways that senior women can make a difference!

#1 Mentoring Youth or Young Adults

Mentoring is a powerful way for senior women to make an impact on the lives of youth and young adults. By providing guidance, support, and encouragement, mentors help youth build self-esteem and resilience to navigate life’s challenges.

Senior women can be especially beneficial as mentors because they have the wisdom, experience, and empathy that come with age. Being a mentor also provides seniors with an opportunity to stay socially active while helping others realize their full potential.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America offers group settings and one-on-one programs. Mentoring.org has opportunities available for those interested. They could even become mentors in after-school programs and help guide children on their path toward success!

#2 Teaching a Skill or Hobby as one of the Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Teaching a skill or hobby is a wonderful volunteering opportunity for senior women. Whether it’s reading, writing, cooking, or photography – seniors can pass on their knowledge and expertise to others while spending time doing something they enjoy.

Not only is teaching a great way to stay social, active, and physically fit, but it gives seniors the chance to share their passions with those who might not otherwise have the chance to learn. Volunteering continually offers seniors new opportunities to grow and develop while providing them with purpose and satisfaction in life!

There are many volunteer activities available for seniors that involve teaching skills or hobbies to young people. For example, they can volunteer at local schools or community centers, offering tutoring in areas such as math, science, and English. Seniors could also teach recreational activities like cooking, gardening, or sports.

#3 Tutoring or Helping with Homework – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Tutoring or helping with homework is one of the most rewarding volunteer activities for seniors, as it helps young people gain knowledge and skills that will last them a lifetime. It’s also fun!

Seniors can get involved in tutoring or helping with homework by visiting local schools or libraries, checking out online resources, or even volunteering from home. Depending on the student’s age and needs, you may be able to help someone learn math, science, history, music, and coding—the possibilities are endless!

You could even offer your own specialist knowledge to teach students about something unique. Whether you want to work with one student or a group of students at once—there are many ways to get involved.

If there are children in your neighborhood, get to know them and their parents. Ask them if they need any help with their schoolwork.

#4 Women Coaching a Sports Team as Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Coaching a sports team can be a great volunteer activity for senior women. Whether it’s soccer, softball, basketball, or swimming, coaching a team of youth offers many benefits.

Women coaches provide role models for young female athletes and help them build confidence and resiliency while teaching important life lessons. Working with a team towards a common goal in an environment where they feel safe is incredibly rewarding!

#5 Volunteer Activities for Seniors – Leading a Club or Group

Leading a club or group as a volunteer activity is an excellent way for senior women to make a difference in their community. From providing leadership and guidance to connecting with younger generations, there are so many benefits for seniors who take up the mantle of leading a group.

Senior women can volunteer to lead a variety of clubs or groups, such as book club meetings, arts and crafts classes, gardening group workshops, language classes for adults, health and wellness lectures and seminars, cooking demonstrations, music appreciation sessions, or even computer classes.

The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to leading a club or group! These activities can be tailored to suit different kinds of interests, ages, and skill levels – giving senior women the opportunity to make an impact on their community while also getting to enjoy something they’re passionate about.

#6 Volunteering at a School or Library

Volunteering at a school or library is a great way for senior women to give back to their community. By providing support and guidance to younger generations, seniors can help shape the future of their community.

There are various ways to volunteer at a school or library:

  • Reading aloud in the library.
  • Helping students with assignments.
  • Organizing book drives.
  • Leading storytime sessions for children.
  • Tutoring students in any subject.

Not only does this provide an opportunity for seniors to stay active and engaged with the world around them, but it also helps create a bridge between generations by connecting them through knowledge and understanding.

#7 Assisting with Events or Fundraising Efforts – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Senior volunteers can offer their services to assist with many different types of events or fundraising efforts. They could help out at local festivals, art shows, concerts and theatrical performances.

They could also assist in organizing book sales, clothing drives and food pantries. Fundraising activities can include phone banking, mailings, direct mail campaigns and the distribution of promotional materials. Seniors could even host lectures or seminars to educate younger generations on current topics or to raise awareness of important causes.

Veterans organizations are always in need of help, fundraising, and donations. Check with your local VFW or DAV to see what you can do to help.

No matter what type of activity they choose to support, senior volunteers can have a positive impact on the world around them by contributing to the success of community events and lending a helping hand when it comes to fundraising initiatives.

#8 Providing Companionship to the Elderly or Homebound

Senior women can make a meaningful difference in their community by providing companionship to the elderly or homebound. Through weekly visits, seniors can spend time chatting and listening to the stories and experiences of those who are unable to leave their homes for various reasons.

One of the best volunteer activities for seniors is visiting those that are lonely and need companionship.

This simple act of kindness can help reduce feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression that many elderly people experience. Even if it’s just providing an ear to listen to or a shoulder to lean on, having an extra companion is often enough to bring a smile to someone’s face and pick up their spirits for the day.

Additionally, senior volunteers could assist with chores such as cooking meals, running errands, or providing transportation to medical appointments. By giving back in this way, seniors can truly make a difference one life at a time!

#9 Visiting Sick or Hospitalized Individuals as Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Senior women can make a real difference in the lives of sick or hospitalized individuals by providing companionship and support during difficult times.

By visiting those who are in the hospital or recovering from illness, seniors can offer emotional comfort as well as practical assistance by helping with daily tasks such as providing meals and transportation to medical appointments.

Visiting sick or hospitalized individuals also serves to remind them that they are not alone and that there are people who care about them and want to lend their support.

Additionally, volunteer activities for seniors could involve simply listening to those in need, conversing with them or reading stories to provide moments of distraction from the pain and discomfort they may be experiencing.

#10 Participating in a Beach or Park Cleanup

Senior women can make an impact on their communities by participating in beach or park cleanups. These volunteer activities allow seniors to get outside and make a difference while also enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

By helping to clean up local beaches and parks, seniors can remove trash, plastic, and debris that can otherwise harm our wildlife, pollute oceans and affect the environment. After the area is cleaned up, senior volunteers can help replant vegetation, repopulate animal habitats or assist with other restorative efforts.

This type of volunteer activity gives seniors a sense of pride in knowing that they are doing something positive for the environment. In addition, taking part in beach or park cleanups provides a great opportunity for seniors to meet new people and build relationships with others who share their dedication to making a difference!

#11 Assisting with Animal Care at a Shelter or Sanctuary

Senior women can assist with animal care at a shelter or sanctuary by providing much-needed love, attention, and support to animals in need.

By volunteering their time, seniors can help socialize animals that have had negative experiences in the past and provide them with the companionship they need.

Seniors may also be able to help with daily tasks such as:

  • Cleaning kennels
  • Walking dogs
  • Grooming cats
  • Providing food
  • Petting and socializing

Additionally, senior volunteers can help educate visitors about pet adoption and spread awareness about responsible pet ownership. By helping out at a shelter or sanctuary, senior women make a lasting impact on the lives of these animals while getting invaluable satisfaction from giving back to their community.

#12 Providing Transportation for Those in Need

Senior women can provide transportation for those in need by volunteering their time and vehicles to help support the community.

Different ways to provide transportation include:

  • Taking elderly or disabled individuals to medical appointments.
  • Providing rides for grocery shopping.
  • Helping people get to work.
  • Providing transportation to people that attend adult day care programs.

By offering a ride at no charge, seniors can make sure that everyone has access to essential services even if they cannot afford to get there on their own. Furthermore, providing transportation gives senior women an opportunity to build relationships with members of their community while also giving back.

#13 Cooking or Delivering Meals to Those in Need – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Senior women can help provide nutritious meals to those in need by volunteering their time and culinary skills.

Whether it is cooking meals in a community kitchen, delivering hot meals to homebound individuals, or packing food boxes for vulnerable families, senior women can make an enormous impact on the lives of people who may be struggling to make ends meet.

By getting involved in these types of volunteer activities, seniors can ensure that everyone has access to healthy, nourishing food while also connecting with members of their local community.

Furthermore, many volunteer programs also offer opportunities for seniors to engage in meaningful conversations with the recipients of their kindness.

#14 Provide Basic Home Repairs or Yard Work

Whether it is doing minor home repairs for the elderly or disabled, providing lawn maintenance to low-income families, or offering other types of handyman services, seniors are often able to make a positive difference in the lives of those who may not have the time or resources to take care of these essential tasks themselves.

Additionally, volunteering in this way can give senior women an opportunity to build relationships with members of their community while also giving back.

#15 Assisting with Office Work or Administrative Tasks at a Non-Profit Organization

Senior women can help non-profit organizations by volunteering to perform office work or administrative tasks. There are many different types of non-profits that could benefit from the assistance of senior volunteers, including:

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Veteran’s services
  • Environmental organizations
  • Homeless outreach programs
  • Adoption agencies
  • Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s foundations

For example, seniors can provide support with filing paperwork, data entry, customer service duties, event planning, and management, or other office-related activities.

#16 Volunteering at a Museum or Cultural Center

Volunteers may assist with tours, special events, education programs, or even help with research projects. Seniors may also be able to use their prior experience in positions such as receptionist or administrative assistant to benefit the organization.

Additionally, senior volunteers can take part in marketing activities for the centers and museums, helping spread the word about upcoming programs and events.

#17 Participating in a Habitat Restoration Project – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Senior women can participate in a habitat restoration project by volunteering their time and skills to help improve or create a space for local wildlife.

This type of volunteer activity typically involves helping to remove invasive species, planting native vegetation, and conducting maintenance on existing habitats. Additionally, seniors may be able to help with monitoring activities such as collecting data from observations, taking photographs or videos of the area, and other tasks related to the project.

By participating in a habitat restoration project, senior women can not only play an important role in supporting local wildlife but also have the chance to explore areas of nature that may have been previously unknown to them.

#18 Assisting with Voter Registration or Election Efforts

Senior women can assist with voter registration and election efforts in a variety of ways. They may be able to help by volunteering at volunteer registration drives, distributing educational materials about the voting process, and offering assistance at the polls on Election Day.

Additionally, senior women can use their experience to provide information about the importance of exercising their right to vote. This type of activity provides seniors with an opportunity to take part in civic responsibility and positively impact their community by encouraging more people to participate in elections.

#19 Providing Language Interpretation or Translation Services

Senior women that speak other languages can provide valuable assistance in the form of interpretation or translation services. They may be able to offer assistance at events, meetings, and other functions where speakers of the language are needed.

Additionally, they can volunteer their time to help organizations or individuals with written translations and interpretation of materials such as books, websites, documents, etc.

#20 Assisting with Financial Planning or Budgeting

Senior women with accounting or financial backgrounds can provide invaluable assistance in the form of financial planning or budgeting. They may be able to offer advice on how to create and manage budgets, save money, and make smart investments.

Additionally, they can volunteer their time to help organizations and individuals understand basic financial principles such as debt management, loan repayment, and more.

#21 Teaching English as a Second Language

Senior women can help those who are attempting to learn English as a second language by volunteering their time to help.

They may be able to provide instruction from the basics such as sentence structure and pronunciation to more complex concepts such as grammar and syntax. They can also help individuals practice their new skills in conversational settings and even offer to tutor those needing extra help.

#22 Providing Resume Writing or Job Search Assistance

One of the most helpful volunteer activities for seniors is offering resume writing and job search assistance. Not only will senior women help others succeed in their job search, but they will also be honing their own skills and staying active while making a positive difference.

volunteer activities for seniors - resume writing

From brainstorming new resumes to conducting mock interviews, there are plenty of ways that senior women can give back directly while providing invaluable help to those in need.

#23 Assisting with Tax Preparation

Those who have a background in accounting or tax preparation services are in an ideal position to help others with their taxes. From offering one-on-one tutorials to helping people fill out the necessary forms, there are plenty of ways for senior women to give back while providing invaluable assistance.

#24 Providing Basic Medical Care or First Aid

Volunteering is a great way for senior women with medical backgrounds to use their experience and knowledge to make a difference. One way they can do this is by providing basic medical care or first aid in their communities.

Learning CPR is an essential skill that can be used in a variety of situations, and volunteering to teach it to others will not only help them but also give seniors the satisfaction of helping save lives.

Senior women with medical backgrounds can also offer guidance on health tips and preventive measures, allowing them to make an impact on both current and future generations.

#25 Participating in a Disaster Response or Recovery Effort

Senior women can make a big difference in disaster response and recovery efforts. By volunteering their time, energy, and skills, senior women can help out with everything from providing meals to finding temporary housing for those affected by the disaster.

They may also be able to assist with locating lost pets or helping families locate lost items.

#26 Assisting with Environmental Conservation Efforts – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Senior women can make a big contribution to environmental conservation efforts. There are many ways they can help:

  • Participate in beach clean-ups.
  • Become involved in planting trees and other plants.
  • Helping at local nature centers
  • Volunteer with organizations dedicated to conserving habitats and species

By getting involved in these efforts, senior women can promote sustainability and preserve the beauty of our natural environment for future generations.

#27 Providing Support to Military Families

Older women can provide invaluable support to military families. Whether the family member is actively serving or has gone on deployment, having someone to lean on for help and understanding can make all the difference during difficult times.

They can provide support to military families in many ways:

  • Organizing care packages
  • Offering childcare services
  • Providing emotional support
  • Helping with housing needs
  • Taking care of pets while they are deployed

By volunteering their time and energy, senior women can show their appreciation for the selfless sacrifice that every member of a military family makes every day.

#28 Volunteering at a Homeless Shelter or Soup Kitchen

Make a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness by volunteering at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. They can assist with food preparation, help arrange clothing donations, provide companionship to people seeking assistance, and even help with basic administrative tasks.

volunteer activities for seniors - homeless

Volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen is an opportunity for senior women to connect with their local community. They can build meaningful relationships, and make a lasting impact on those less fortunate.

#29 Participating in a Literacy Program – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Through literacy programs, senior women can help to promote reading and literacy among young students. They can provide tutoring services, assist in libraries, and even volunteer as librarians.

Additionally, they can offer their skills and knowledge by helping with career development classes or preparing job seekers for interviews.

#30 Providing Support to Refugees or Immigrants

Senior women can offer support to refugees and immigrants by volunteering at a local organization. They can:

  • Give guidance on cultural identity
  • Help teach the language and customs
  • Guide them through the process of obtaining the proper documentation
  • Teach valuable skills to become successful
  • Help with their children

By providing this type of assistance, senior women can help ease the transition to a new culture while still preserving their own sense of heritage and identity.

#31 Assisting with a Community Garden or Urban Farming Project

By assisting with these initiatives, they can help grow fresh produce while providing additional food access to those in need. Additionally, senior women can use their skills to mentor younger generations and share their knowledge on how to cultivate a successful garden.

With the right guidance, these younger generations will be able to learn the importance of growing healthy and organic foods. Ultimately, senior women can provide invaluable support by helping to establish or maintain a community garden or urban farming project. It contributes greatly to the health and well-being of the local community.

#32 Providing Support to those Suffering from Addiction

Older women can provide invaluable support to those struggling with addiction by volunteering at a local organization. They can offer guidance, emotional and mental support, and practical help in navigating the recovery process.

They can build relationships with those affected by addiction and serve as mentors who offer hope and understanding. By providing companionship and fostering a sense of community, older women can have a real impact on the lives of those battling this persistent problem.

#33 Participating in a Community Beautification Project

Make a positive impact on the local community by participating in beautification projects. These initiatives allow them to use their creativity and enthusiasm to make a difference in the lives of those in their community.

By volunteering with local organizations, they can assist with activities such as painting homes and buildings, planting flowers and trees, or helping to build public parks. They can also offer guidance and direction to younger generations on how even small changes can make a big difference.

Whether it’s cleaning up litter or planting gardens, senior women can lend their expertise. It will improve the aesthetics of their local community while cultivating an appreciation for green spaces.

#34 Assisting with a Senior Center or Adult Day Care Program

Volunteering at a senior center or adult day care program is an excellent way for older women to make a positive impact in their community. Senior centers and day care programs provide valuable resources, activities, and companionship to other seniors who may be isolated or lack transportation options.

Women can volunteer in a variety of roles, such as providing assistance with activities, teaching classes, helping with meals, transporting residents to appointments or events, or even offering personal one-on-one emotional support.

#35 Volunteering at an Animal Hospital or Veterinary Clinic

Volunteering at an animal hospital or veterinary clinic is a great way for seniors to help animals in need. By lending their time and skills, they can make a difference in the lives of both animals and their owners.

Seniors can assist with tasks such as:

  • Walking pets
  • Grooming pets
  • Cleaning cages
  • Filling pet food bowls
  • Providing companionship to older animals
  • Cuddling newborn puppies or kittens
  • Comforting pets for medical procedures

Also, seniors can use their expertise to provide guidance on responsible pet ownership and educate younger generations about animal welfare.

#36 Providing Support to Individuals with Disabilities

Senior women can provide a great deal of support to individuals with disabilities in their community. One way is providing assistance with errands or transportation, such as taking them to appointments, the grocery store, and other necessary places.

They can also offer emotional and moral support by simply engaging in conversations and listening to the individual’s stories and experiences. Other activities include providing mentorship, teaching skills such as cooking or budgeting, helping to set up recreation activities and trips, and leading support groups or programs geared towards helping people with disabilities reach their goals.

#37 Assisting with a Theater or Performing Arts Group

If you love the theater you may find volunteering with a theater or performing arts group to be a great way to give back and help nurture talent. Volunteers can lend their time and energy in many ways:

  • Ushering at shows
  • Helping with ticket sales
  • Offering feedback on production concepts
  • Assisting with costumes, makeup, or props
  • Teaching acting skills

Seniors can use their seasoned experience in the industry to serve as mentors for younger talents who are just starting out.

#38 Participating in a Music or Arts Education Program

Participating in a music or arts education program is an excellent way for senior women to be able to share their knowledge and love of the arts with others.

Volunteering for these can come in many different forms:

  • Teaching basic music theory.
  • Mentoring young musicians and artists.
  • Instructing on proper playing techniques.
  • Leading a choir or band.

In addition, volunteers can help organize and facilitate art exhibitions, workshops and other events that support music and art appreciation.

#39 Providing Support to a Hospice or Palliative Care Program

Providing support to a hospice or palliative care program is another wonderful way for senior women to give back and make a difference. Volunteers can offer their time, comfort, and compassion by providing companionship to those in need, helping with basic daily tasks, supporting individuals through the end-of-life process, and providing respite care for family members.

Volunteers can provide spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation or lend a helping hand with grief counseling. It’s important to remember that even small acts of kindness have the power to create an incredible impact on both those receiving care and their families alike.

#40 Assisting with a Pet Therapy Program is one of the Best Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Pet therapy programs provide an invaluable service by giving people of all ages the opportunity to interact with animals. This contributes to improved physical, mental and emotional well-being. Senior volunteers can assist with walking and caring for animals, providing grooming services, playtime, and companionship.

Many pet therapy programs offer the chance to bring pets into hospitals and nursing homes as a source of comfort and companionship for those who are lonely or hospitalized.

#41 Providing Support to a Domestic Violence or Abuse Prevention Program

Providing support to a domestic violence or abuse prevention program can be a powerful way for senior women to make an impact in their community. Volunteers can offer their time and energy by:

  • Aiding in the preparation of educational materials.
  • Raising public awareness.
  • Assisting with fundraising.
  • Providing comfort and support to victims.
  • Provide support in group sessions

#42 Participating in a Mentorship Program for at-risk Youth – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Mentors provide an invaluable service by offering guidance, support, and encouragement to young people who are struggling with school or home life. Senior female volunteers can provide an attentive listening ear to help youth understand and process difficult emotions, as well as offer practical skills such as goal-setting and problem-solving.

Furthermore, mentors can serve as role models for those who may not have a positive adult figure in their lives. This provides guidance for making healthy decisions and showing how hard work can pay off.

#43 Assisting with a Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

Volunteers can offer support to individuals struggling with addiction by facilitating group meetings and providing education on the dangers of substance abuse. They can help alleviate the physical stress associated with recovery by providing comfort and companionship, offering transportation to necessary appointments, helping with meals, and aiding in running errands.

Senior women can also provide much-needed emotional support for those going through this difficult time by simply being present and available for conversation. Such programs are an invaluable service that allows individuals in recovery to feel supported and empowered to live healthier lives.

#44 Providing Support to a Mental Health Program or Support Group

Senior volunteers can help by providing comfort, understanding, and companionship to those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness. What’s more, volunteers can assist with setting up activities for members of the group. For example, getting together for game nights or educational seminars that can help promote positive thought patterns.

By engaging in meaningful conversations and offering words of encouragement, senior female volunteers can offer invaluable assistance to individuals struggling with mental health issues.

#45 Volunteer Activities for Seniors: Assisting with a Bereavement or Grief Support Program

Assisting with a bereavement or grief support program is an important way for senior women to help those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Senior volunteers can offer comfort and support to individuals by providing companionship and listening empathetically.

On top of that, volunteers can provide practical assistance such as helping families organize funeral services. They can offer rides to appointments or simply provide meals during a time when it may be difficult to cook. Through such programs, senior female volunteers can offer much-needed understanding and compassion during times of sorrow.

#46 Participating in a Program to Provide Basic Necessities to Those in Need

Participating in programs that provide basic necessities to those in need is an important way for senior women to give back. Senior volunteers can help by distributing food and clothing, collecting supplies, or helping out with fundraising activities.

They can provide companionship and support to those living in poverty or other difficult circumstances.

#47 Assisting with a Program to Provide Holiday Gifts to the Needy – Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Senior volunteers can help by collecting and sorting donations, organizing gift-wrapping and distribution events, or helping out with fundraising activities. By doing so, they can ensure that those in need have access to necessary items. They can experience the joy of receiving gifts at a time when many are feeling isolated and alone.

#48 Providing Support to a Program for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Supporting programs for individuals experiencing homelessness is an important way for senior women to give back to their community. Volunteers can help by providing basic necessities such as food and clothing, collecting supplies, or helping out with fundraising activities.

They can provide companionship and emotional support to those living in difficult circumstances. By listening to the stories of homeless people and offering words of comfort and understanding, senior female volunteers can create a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

#49 Participating in a Program to Provide Companionship to those who are Isolated or Lonely

Senior volunteers can help by providing emotional support and offering an understanding ear to listen. They can also host gatherings such as movie nights or game days where those feeling isolated have the opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

They can also offer transportation services for those who do not have access to cars.

#50 Training Therapy and/or Service Dogs for Veterans, one of my Favorite Volunteer Activities for Seniors!

Senior women who have experience with dog training can use their skills to help train therapy and service dogs for veterans. This provides invaluable assistance to veterans. The presence of a service or therapy dog can help them cope with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other issues they may be facing.

volunteer activities for seniors - therapy dogs

Training these animals requires patience and understanding. These are traits that senior women who volunteer in the program can bring to the table. By giving their time and expertise, senior women not only provide helpful service to veterans but also support their community in an important way.

Final Thoughts about Volunteer Activities for Seniors

Senior women have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their communities by volunteering for various programs. Whether it’s providing companionship or training therapy and service dogs, these volunteer activities bring invaluable joy and satisfaction to seniors while also supporting those in need of help. By investing their time and energy, senior women can give back to their community in an impactful way.

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