Hiking Gifts for Women: Adventure-Ready for the Outdoors

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Shopping for the adventurous woman in your life? Look no further than with gifts specifically designed for female hikers! Whether she’s a beginner or already an expert, hiking gifts for women can range from essentials like backpacks and sleeping bags to extras like first aid kits, hiking poles, and water bottles.

No matter what your budget is, there’s sure to be something special out there that any hiker would appreciate. Read on to learn more about the perfect hiking gifts for women!

Essential Hiking Gifts for Women

From backpacks to stoves, there’s something here for every budget. So come along and explore our selection of the best essential gifts for female hikers.

Backpacks as a Hiking Gift for Women

Don’t miss out on these backpacks – perfect for carrying all their outdoor essentials! Here’s a breakdown of the best types:

  • Lightweight Daypacks: Great for short hikes and easy walks, these backpacks are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and won’t weigh you down.
  • Heavy Duty Expedition Models: When you need something strong and sturdy enough to carry your gear – this is the type of backpack you’ll want! These models feature plenty of pockets, compartments and straps so that you can organize your gear with ease.
  • Brightly Colored and Bold Patterns: Make her stand out on the trail with a brightly colored or boldly patterned backpack. The perfect way to show off her individual style!

Hiking Shoes and Boots for Women Hikers

From lightweight trail runners that won’t slow you down to heavy-duty waterproof hiking boots, there’s something here for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the types available:

  • Lightweight Trail Runners: Great for walks and short hikes, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable and provide plenty of grip on smooth surfaces. Perfect for the female hiker who needs a lightweight option.
  • Hiking Shoes: Featuring sturdy construction, extra cushioning underfoot and superior grip on rough terrain, these shoes are ideal for day hikes and short backpacking trips.
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Hiking Boots: It doesn’t get tougher than this! Built with waterproof breathable membranes and technical features such as climbing lugs and midsole support, you’ll be able to tackle any terrain with confidence.

So whatever their style or level of experience – take time to explore this selection and find the perfect gift for your favorite female hiker!

Outerwear Gifts for Women Hikers

Stylish outerwear is just the ticket for your gift for your favorite hiker. She’ll have everything she needs to tackle the great outdoors comfortably, dryly, and warmly.

  • Lightweight Windbreakers: Ideal for hikes and walks, these jackets are breathable, lightweight and packable – perfect for when you need something to keep you warm and dry.
  • Softshell Jackets: Featuring superior wind resistance, inbuilt water repellency and plenty of pockets for added storage – these versatile jackets will see her through any activity.
  • Technical Waterproof Jackets: Ready to explore wet or cold climates? Then this is the type of jacket you’ll need! Built with waterproof breathable membranes and plenty of technical features, she’ll be ready for anything!

Don’t wait another minute – get shopping today and give her a gift that will make her feel confident and prepared on each of her outdoor adventures!

Sleeping Bags and Pillows

If overnight hiking trips are on the agenda, then you’ll need the perfect sleep setup to get a good night’s rest. From pillows for extra support to sleeping bags designed to keep you warm and cozy – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the essentials:

  • Pillows: A great way to upgrade any campsite is with a comfortable pillow. Choose from inflatable pillows or stuffed ones, depending on your preference and how well they transport.
  • Mummy Sleeping Bags: These form-fitting bags are designed with insulation to help keep you warm even in cooler climates. They also feature hoods that provide additional warmth when needed.
  • Quilt Sleeping Bags: If you tend to sleep hot and need something more breathable than mummy-style bags, then look no further than this type! Often lighter in weight and tougher against the elements, these bags can be used year-round.

So make sure your list of camping essentials is complete! With our selection of sleeping gear, she’ll have all she needs for her next wilderness adventure.

Flashlights and Lanterns

Flashlights and lanterns are essential for any hiking or camping trip. Whether you’re looking for a compact pocket light for extra visibility or a powerful headlamp that can illuminate a large area – we’ve got something for everyone. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Flashlights: Not too big and not too small, these handheld flashlights offer the perfect size for lighting up your path. Choose from LED models for maximum brightness or traditional flashlight options with replaceable batteries.
  • Headlamps: Small yet powerful, headlamps provide adjustable illumination without taking up much space in your bag. And thanks to their lightweight design, they won’t be cumbersome while trekking outdoors!
  • Lanterns: If you need to light up an entire campsite, then choose a lantern! From solar-powered models to gadgets that can be suspended above camp – these lanterns will provide ample illumination at night.

Wherever the trail takes you – make sure you have one of our flashlights and lanterns by your side! She’ll stay safe and visible on her next outdoor adventure.

Hats and Gloves

Every outdoorsy (and even indoorsy) gal knows that the right accessories can make all the difference when it comes to hiking and camping. From hats to keep out the sun’s rays to gloves that are perfect for chilly temperatures – here’s what you need and what would make a perfect gift!


Hats are a must-have for any hiking and camping trip. And thanks to the variety of styles available for women, she can look great while staying protected from the sun’s rays! Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Wide-brimmed hats: These are perfect for keeping your face and neck shaded from the sun. Choose from straw or felt designs depending on your taste.
  • Sporty caps: If you prefer a more fashionable look, then choose one of our sporty caps! Available in several colors, they’re ideal for both outdoor excursions and everyday wear.
  • Bucket hats: Made with lightweight fabric, these are perfect when you need extra coverage around your ears and neck area.
  • Sun visors: Looking for something discreet? Try a sun visor – it will fit easily into your bag when not in use!


Whether she’s braving the cold temperatures or just wants an extra layer of protection, a pair of gloves is essential for any outdoor excursion. Here’s what you and your gal need to know:

  • Leather gloves: If she prefers timeless style, then you can’t go wrong with leather. These are ideal for colder climates and provide great insulation.
  • Knit gloves: When milder conditions call, opt for lightweight knit gloves that will keep her hands warm without feeling too bulky.
  • Fleece gloves: For those who want maximum warmth and comfort, fleece gloves are the way to go! Whether she’s out in the snow or enjoying a balmy night by the campfire, these are sure to do the trick.
  • Thermal gloves: Need something practical but still stylish? Look no further than thermal gloves – they’re perfect for winter hikes and everyday wear alike.

Extras for Hiking Gifts for Women

There are loads of great extras she can take with her so she can enjoy the outdoor experience even more! With these extras, she’ll be fully prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at her — now that’s just real smart thinking. So get shopping and soon enough, all those miles on the trail will be worth it!

Whether she’s going on a short excursion or an epic multi-day trek, one thing’s for certain — she needs to stay hydrated! Here are a few suggestions that you can give her as a hike gift:

  • Water bottles: For shorter hikes, a traditional water bottle is just the ticket. Look for ones with sturdy lids, fun colors and materials that won’t leak in her pack.
  • Hydration packs: If she’s planning a longer journey, then a hydration pack is the way to go. She’ll be able to carry several liters of water without having to take up space in her backpack. Plus, many of them come with extra storage compartments for snacks and other items.
  • Insulated flasks: These handy little devices not only keep drinks hotter for longer but also prevent condensation from soaking through your bag. Perfect for when the weather turns chilly!
  • Collapsible water bottles: When it comes to saving space and weight on her outdoor adventures, collapsible water bottles are the way to go! These innovative designs will take up far less room in her pack than regular bottles. Now, how cool is that?

First Aid Kits as Hiking Gifts for Women

No one expects a trip in the great outdoors to take a wrong turn, but if it does, it’s good to be prepared. Here are some of the best first aid kits you can give her as that special hiking gift:

  • Adventure Medical Kits: Adventure Medical Kits come with everything she needs for minor injuries, from bandages and medication to burn dressings and tweezers. Perfect for those long adventures!
  • Swiss Safe First Aid Kits: Small enough to fit in her backpack, these kits contain all the basics — including gloves, gauze pads, safety pins and adhesive tape. So she’ll never have to worry about getting lost or injured on the trail.
  • Surviveware Small First Aid Kit: She won’t want to leave home without this rugged kit! It includes antiseptic wipes, butterfly closures and trauma pads so she can tackle any medical issues she encounters along the way.
  • Lifeline 85-Piece First Aid Kit: This kit is packed with 85 pieces of essential medical supplies — including gauze swabs, bandaids and triangular fabric bandages. No matter what kind of injury occurs out on the trail, she’ll be ready!

Camping Chairs and Stools

Whether she’s heading out on a day hike or an extended camping excursion, give her the gift of comfortable seating with these great camping chairs and stools!

  • Camp Chairs: These comfy little chairs come in all shapes and sizes — perfect for kicking back after a long trek. Look for ones with extra padding and adjustable legs so she can get just the right height.
  • Folding Stools: These handy little devices fit easily into a backpack and weigh hardly anything, making them ideal for bringing along on her next adventure. Plus, they come in all kinds of fun colors!
  • Hammock Chairs: An awesome way to relax in nature’s embrace! Hammock chairs are made from lightweight fabrics and attach securely to trees (or other sturdy objects). She’ll love swaying gently as she takes in the sights and sounds around her.
  • Moon Chairs: These innovative designs offer support without taking up much space, making them perfect for when storage is at a premium. They even come with cup holders so she won’t have to worry about her drink spilling while she relaxes!

Knives and Multi Tools for Hiking Gifts for Women

Get her ready for anything outdoor adventure throws her way with these awesome knives and multi-tools!

  • Swiss Army Knives: A classic camping tool, the classic Swiss Army Knife comes with dozens of useful tools. From screwdrivers and scissors to bottle openers and eyeglass screws, she’ll have everything she needs in one handy package.
  • Survival Knives: Built tough, these full tang blades are perfect for chopping wood, skinning animals, and whittling sticks — just the thing for a weekend spent exploring the wilderness! Look for ones with serrated edges, so she can tackle even tougher tasks.
  • Pocket Multitools: Small enough to fit in her pocket, these multitools contain all kinds of useful items — from pliers to blades and files. Perfect for those unexpected situations that crop up on the trail!
  • Folding Shovels: Great for clearing a campfire site or prepping food, folding shovels are virtually indestructible — thanks to their steel construction. Plus they collapse down small enough to fit into a backpack pocket, making them easy to transport wherever she goes!

Final Thoughts on Hiking Gifts for Women

No matter what type of hiker she is, there’s sure to be something for every outdoor enthusiast in this selection of hiking gifts for women. From chairs and stools to knives and multitools, you’ll find the perfect present that’s sure to make her smile!

Have any more ideas? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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