10 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes: Top Picks for Trail-Ready Cyclists in 2024

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Exploring the best women’s gravel bikes reveals a world of adventure for cyclists, merging the speed of road biking with the freedom to roam dirt tracks, forest paths, and rolling countryside.

This niche has revolutionized how female cyclists engage with mixed terrains, offering a versatile option for those eager to push boundaries and explore new landscapes.

Unlike traditional road bikes, gravel bikes are designed to tackle a mixture of terrains, offering a versatility that’s ideal for the rider who wants to go beyond the tarmac.

With their sturdy construction, wider tires, and a geometry that balances efficiency and comfort, gravel bikes are well-suited to long days of exploration.

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Women’s gravel bikes bring these capabilities into designs that cater to female riders, focusing on geometry, sizing, and contact points such as saddles and handlebar grips that better fit the anatomical and ergonomic needs of women.

best womens gravel bikes trail

As manufacturers refine their offerings, the distinction between women’s and men’s bikes sometimes blurs, with many brands opting to create unisex frames with women-specific touchpoints. This evolution makes the purchasing decision less about gender and more about finding the right fit and feel.

The Factors Behind the Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

When you’re in the market for a new gravel bike, several critical factors deserve your attention.

Frame material, which can range from aluminum to carbon, significantly affects both weight and ride quality, with carbon being lighter and better at dampening road vibrations.

The bike’s geometry should provide a comfortable position for long rides while still allowing for an aerodynamic posture.

Additionally, gearing options are plentiful and should be matched to your riding style and typical terrain.

Disc brakes, now nearly ubiquitous on gravel bikes, offer reliable stopping power in all conditions, which is especially important when you’re navigating unpredictable surfaces.

Tire clearance is another crucial aspect, as it dictates the maximum tire size you can run for increased comfort and traction on loose surfaces.

Selecting the best gravel bike for your adventures shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the right choice will be your companion across countless miles and many terrains.

Balancing factors like fit, comfort, performance, and versatility will lead you to a bike that not only sparks joy but also keeps up with your spirit of adventure.

As you gear up for the next section, think about what your typical ride looks like and what you want most out of your gravel biking experience.

Top Picks for Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Gravel biking is all the rage, and you’re right in the mix, looking for a ride that can handle both the freedom of backroad adventures and the rigor of daily commutes. You want something that is as versatile and resilient as you are, a bike that matches your spirited sense of adventure.

Whether you’re gearing up for a long haul on the trails or a sprint through city streets, finding the right gravel bike can make all the difference.

Dive into our curated selection of women’s gravel bikes that combine comfort, durability, and style to elevate your biking game to the next level.

#1 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Sporterra Gravel

Schwinn Sporterra best women's gravel bikes

If you’re seeking a versatile gravel bike that fits both casual rides and adventurous trails, the Sporterra could be your match.


  • Efficient gear changes with the 14-speed shifter
  • Reliable stopping power from alloy mechanical disc brakes
  • Multi-Terrain tires for versatile riding


  • Some assembly and adjustments required upon delivery
  • Components may feel basic compared to higher-end models
  • 3.8-star rating indicates varied user experiences
Schwinn Gravel Bike for Women
The Sporterra gravel bike, with its sturdy aluminum frame and versatile multi-terrain tires, offers the perfect blend of off-road excitement and leisurely riding, ensuring confidence across any landscape your heart leads you.

Gravel biking combines the thrill of exploring off-road trails with the leisure of casual riding. The Sporterra’s aluminum frame could serve as a solid foundation for both. It’s designed to handle different terrains, thanks to its multi-terrain tires that aim to give you the confidence to ride wherever your heart desires.

Having a bike that responds when you need it to is crucial. That’s where the Sporterra’s mechanical disc brakes come into play. They are engineered to ensure you have control over your stops, which is especially important when you’re navigating unpredictable surfaces.

Everyone loves a smooth ride, and the Sporterra’s microshift 14-speed shifter is there to help you find the right gear with ease. Though the bike may require some setup and adjustments when it first arrives, taking the time to tune it can result in a customized feel that’s worth the effort.

#2 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Tommaso Siena Gravel Bike

Tommaso Siena best women's gravel bikes

Imagine yourself conquering backcountry roads with ease on a bike that balances affordability with performance.


  • Equipped with versatile 700x40c tires for diverse terrains
  • Features a reliable 100% Shimano drivetrain
  • Supported by a robust warranty and dedicated customer service


  • Professional assembly is required for safety and performance
  • Not designed for beginner riders apprehensive about advanced features
  • Potential extra costs for assembly and fine-tuning
Tommaso Siena Gravel Bike for Women
Master any terrain with the Tommaso Siena gravel bike, featuring wide tires for supreme stability on everything from gritty trails to tranquil country lanes, enhancing your adventures with every turn.

Navigating challenging terrain is demanding, but having a bike like the Tommaso Siena can make your gravel adventures much more rewarding. Its wide tires are crafted to ensure stability across various surfaces, whether you’re tackling a gritty trail or cruising along a quiet country lane.

Longevity and reliability are at the heart of this bike. The high-quality aluminum frame is accompanied by a lifetime warranty, assuring you that the Tommaso Siena is a lasting companion. Shimano components, recognized for their durability, form the bike’s drivetrain, offering smooth, consistent performance.

Despite its attributes, keep in mind that the Tommaso Siena requires a professional’s touch before it’s road-ready, so factor in the time and expense of proper assembly. This bike is a solid choice for those ready to upgrade their riding experience and take on more challenging adventures.

#3 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Tommaso Sentiero

Tommaso Sentiero Gravel Bike

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile gravel bike that strikes a balance between quality and value, the Tommaso Sentiero could be your match.


  • Commendable performance on varied terrains
  • Shimano components for reliable shifting
  • Durable frame with a lifetime warranty


  • Professional assembly is required
  • Supplied tires may need an upgrade for heavy riders
  • Seat comfort could be improved
Women’s Gravel Bike – Tommaso Sentiero
Unleash outdoor exhilaration with the Sentiero gravel bike, a versatile conqueror of both wild trails and sleek pavements, offering the stability of wide tires and the durability of a robust aluminum frame for a confident, resilient ride.

Experiencing the great outdoors is exhilarating, and the right gravel bike can make all the difference. Whether you’re traversing backwoods trails or speeding along on pavement, the Sentiero’s versatility ensures you’ll tackle it all with confidence.

Its wide tires provide the stability needed for unpredictable terrain, while a robust aluminum frame promises a resilient ride.

Navigating the Sentiero’s gear system is effortless thanks to its complete Shimano drivetrain, renowned for consistency and precision. Even when the going gets tough, rest easy knowing that the reputable quality of Shimano parts is at your fingertips.

The Sentiero’s performance is a nod towards seamless adaptability, fulfilling the needs of serious newcomers and seasoned riders alike.

Despite the necessity for professional assembly, think of it as an investment ensuring your bike operates at peak performance.

While parts like the seat may benefit from personalization to match individual comfort preferences, the Sentiero remains an admirable choice for those stepping into the world of gravel biking without breaking the bank.

#4 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Tommaso Sterrata

Tommaso Sterrata best women's gravel bikes

Consider the Tommaso Sterrata if you’re after a durable and versatile gravel bike that won’t hold you back on rough terrains.


  • Equipped with reliable Shimano Claris components
  • Strong aluminum frame paired with a carbon fork
  • Designed with extra-wide tires for stability off-road


  • Professional assembly required for warranty validation
  • High-end features may come with a steeper price
  • Limited total reviews for thorough user consensus
Women’s Sport Gravel Bike – Tommaso Sterrata
The Tommaso Sterrata enhances your wild explorations with its strong aluminum frame and comfortable carbon fork, topped with extra-wide tires for confident grip on uneven terrains, ensuring a smooth, adventurous ride every time.

Exploring untamed trails and long stretches of gravel just became more rewarding with the Tommaso Sterrata. This bike stands out with its aluminum frame and carbon fork, promising both strength and comfort through every bump and turn.

It’s also sporting the kind of extra-wide tires that confidently grip uneven ground, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead.

The role of reliable gear in cycling is undeniable, and that’s where the Sterrata’s full Shimano Claris groupset shines, delivering smooth shifting even when the road challenges you.

Versatility is key with gravel bikes, and whether you’re racing against the wind on a flat stretch or conquering a steep, rocky ascent, the performance of the Sterrata doesn’t falter.

One fact to bear in mind, the Sterrata arrives needing professional assembly to uphold its warranty—a step that ensures everything is tuned to perfection but does add to the upfront cost.

Investing in the Sterrata means you’re serious about your off-road excursions and ready for a bike that steps up to the mark with performance-focused features, backed by a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind on every ride.

#5 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Tommaso Illimitate Adventure Bike

Tommaso Illimitate Gravel Bike

If you’re after versatility for road and dirt trail adventures, this gravel bike from Tommaso could be your match with its meticulous Italian design backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Robust Shimano Tiagra components for reliable performance
  • Avid BB5 disc brakes for strong stopping power in various conditions
  • Wide 700x40c tires for stability on diverse terrains


  • Professional assembly required, which may incur additional cost
  • Some users report inconsistencies in wheel trueness and frame alignment
  • Limited number of customer reviews for thorough quality assessment
Women’s Gravel Bike – Illimitate Adventure Bike
Embrace the thrilling blend of adventure and challenge with the Tommaso Illimitate gravel bike, featuring a durable, high-performance build with wide tires and a carbon fork to smooth out bumps, all in a light yet sturdy frame for limitless exploration.

Gravel riding is the perfect blend of excitement and challenge, introducing you to new landscapes while pushing your cycling limits. The Tommaso Illimitate allows you to tackle these adventures with confidence, thanks to a design ethos that combines durability and performance.

Its wide tires and carbon fork absorb bumps, while the frame remains strong yet lightweight.

Your experience on the Illimitate is further enhanced by its Shimano Tiagra groupset. This bike makes uphill climbs and speedy flats both manageable and exhilarating. Shifting gears is smooth and precise, giving you the ability to react swiftly to changes in your ride.

While you will need to get your new bike professionally tuned to ensure peak performance and validate warranties, this upfront step promises seamless rides thereafter.

Consider the Tommaso Illimitate as a valuable partner in your cycling pursuits, offering you a mix of technology and toughness for both on-road alignments and off-road conquests.

#6 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Schwinn Traxion

Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

Explore the outdoors with confidence on the Schwinn Traxion, offering a ride that’s as sturdy as it is smooth.


  • Smooth gear transitions with 24-speed shifters
  • Superior stopping power due to high-quality mechanical disc brakes
  • Durable construction with aluminum frame and dual suspension


  • May require additional adjustments for optimal gear shifting
  • Not the lightest option, potentially affecting portability
  • An unadjustable front suspension could limit customizability
Schwinn Traxion Mountain Gravel Bike
Embrace the thrilling blend of adventure and challenge with the Tommaso Illimitate gravel bike, featuring a durable, high-performance build with wide tires and a carbon fork to smooth out bumps, all in a light yet sturdy frame for limitless exploration.

Gravel bikes present a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between road cycling and mountain biking. The Schwinn Traxion embodies this versatility with its sturdy frame and responsive suspension.

It’s a bike that’s designed to adapt to a variety of terrains, confirming that you don’t have to limit your adventure to a single path.

The mechanical disc brakes on this bike ensure that, no matter the weather or the trail’s temperament, you’re in control. This is a critical feature for gravel bikes, where unpredictable surfaces are part of the appeal.

However, not all rides are the same, and while the Traxion shines on rugged paths, its weight might weigh on you over longer distances or if commuting is part of your routine. Nonetheless, for those seeking a resilient partner for off-road escapades, this bike won’t disappoint.

#7 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

EUROBIKE Gravel Road Bike

EUROBIKE Gravel Bike

If you’re on the lookout for an accessible entry-level gravel bike, the EUROBIKE could be a suitable option for your outdoor escapades.


  • Versatile 21-speed Shimano shifting adjusts to varied terrains
  • Dependable dual disc brakes for quick stopping power
  • Wide 700C tires suitable for different road surfaces


  • Higher wear on wheels due to dual disc brakes
  • High-carbon steel frame may not be as light as other materials
  • Best fit limited to riders between 5’7″ and 6’1″
EUROBIKE Gravel Road Bike
For versatile gravel riding, the EUROBIKE Adult Gravel Bike stands as a trusty steed for all, featuring 21-speed Shimano components to seamlessly adapt across various landscapes.

In search of a trusty steed for your gravel riding journeys? Consider the EUROBIKE Adult Gravel Bike, designed to cater to both men and women. Its 21-speed Shimano components promise an adaptable ride across different landscapes.

Dealing with varied terrain is no sweat with the bike’s wide tires. They offer stability and fun, handling everything from city streets to dirt tracks.

Plus, if stopping power is a concern, you’ll take comfort in the bike’s dual disc brakes, which provide efficient braking in all weather conditions.

Yet, no bike is without potential setbacks. The dual disc brakes, while reliable, might accelerate wheel wear over time. Also, while the high-carbon steel frame is sturdy, it doesn’t boast the lightness of aluminum or carbon fiber models. Lastly, make sure you fall within the recommended height range to ensure a comfortable ride.

#8 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Royce Union RMA

best women's gravel and mountain bikes

If you’re looking for a versatile bike for your outdoor adventures, the Royce Union RMA might just be the trusty steed you need.


  • Rust-free aluminum frame makes for a light and sturdy ride
  • Shimano trigger shifters promise easy and precise gear changes
  • Comes with the tools you need for quick assembly


  • The included saddle might not be comfortable for all riders
  • Handlebar adjustments might require some extra effort
  • Does not include a kickstand
Royce Union All-Terrain Bike for Women
The Royce Union RMA, with its light yet robust aluminum frame, offers a reliable off-road companion, ensuring effortless uphill climbs and smooth speed maintenance for durable, versatile journeying.

Seeking a reliable off-road companion? The Royce Union RMA brings durability and versatility to the table. Its aluminum frame ensures that it remains both light and strong, enabling you to tackle uphill paths with less effort and maintain speed with ease.

Shift gears smoothly as you ride; the SHIMANO EZ Fire Plus Trigger shifter and the SHIMANO Altus rear indexed derailleur are designed for quick and efficient performance. You’ll find the shifting process seamless, which is key to keeping your focus on the path ahead.

Comfort and control are crucial for any bike, and the Royce Union RMA aims to offer both. The slight-rise handlebar promotes an upright riding posture, which can be more comfortable on long rides.

However, it’s worth noting that some riders may find the saddle uncomfortable and may wish to replace it. Additionally, while this bike comes mostly assembled, fine-tuning adjustments to the handlebar could require a bit of muscle or a visit to your local bike shop.

Keep in mind, if you’re planning to make frequent stops during your rides, you’ll need to invest in a kickstand, as this model does not come with one.

#9 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Viribus Hybrid Beauty

Viribus Hybrid best women's gravel bikes

If you’re seeking versatility in city commuting with a touch of leisure riding, this stylish pink companion might just be your ticket to an elevated biking experience.


  • Comfortable cushioned seat for longer rides
  • Smooth gear shifting with a 7-speed Shimano derailleur
  • Dual disc brakes ensure safe stopping power


  • Handlebar height is not adjustable
  • Tools for some adjustments not included
  • Only 10 ratings may not reflect a wide range of customer experiences
Viribus Hybrid Beauty
The Viribus Hybrid Bike, perfect for city streets or urban adventures, ensures a smooth and joyful journey with its 7-speed gear system, facilitating effortless transitions across diverse terrains.

Cruising city streets or embarking on an urban adventure, the Viribus Hybrid Bike is designed to keep your journey smooth and joyful. The 7-speed gear system facilitates effortless transitions between speeds, letting you tackle various terrains with confidence.

Balancing strength with convenience, this bike’s lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to handle without sacrificing durability. Plus, arriving 85% assembled means you’ll hit the road faster, and in style.

But note, if you’re particular about the perfect fit, the fixed handlebar height could be a downside. Ensure it matches your ergonomic needs before taking the plunge. Meanwhile, the absence of some adjustment tools might require a quick trip to the bike shop, but it’s a minor hiccup on the way to a great ride.

#10 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Hiland 26″ Mountain Bike

best women's gravel bikes Hiland Mountain Bike

Choose this bike for its user-friendly features and reliable build that promises enjoyable rides across various terrains.


  • Aluminum frame combines durability with easy handling
  • Quick assembly catering to most users with included tools
  • Complimentary lock-out feature on fork for diverse riding conditions


  • Limited to riders between 5’1″ and 5’6″
  • Some riders may find the need for a seat upgrade
  • Front wheel installation and tuning may require extra attention
Hiland Women’s Gravel Mountain Bike
Hit the trails with the liberating and durable bike, designed with an aluminum frame for navigating rocky paths and a posture-friendly design for those seeking a comfortable ride, making every impromptu adventure or planned expedition enjoyable.

There’s something liberating about hitting the trails, and having a bike that matches your enthusiasm for the outdoors is crucial. The bike’s durability is a close ally when navigating those rocky paths, courtesy of its aluminum frame.

Whether it’s an impromptu adventure or a planned expedition, you’ll appreciate how the bike’s design tailors to a snug, less stretched posture, especially beneficial for riders who find traditional frames a stretch too far.

Enjoy the versatility of your bike, with the dual disc brakes always on standby to manage those split-second decisions, whether it’s a sudden stop or a controlled descent on a wet trail.

Versatile…and Thoughtful

The versatile 21-speed drivetrain is smooth and well-suited to various landscapes, allowing you to toggle between gears for that sweet spot of endurance and speed as you tackle inclines and valleys.

Expect your arrival and set-up process to be swift and straightforward, with most of the bike pre-assembled and tools at the ready. A leisurely 25 minutes or so should see you move from unboxing to the open road.

The inclusion of a lock-out feature on the suspension fork is a thoughtful touch, letting you transition from absorbing shocks on rocky terrain to harnessing full pedaling power on smooth stretches, making your ride as efficient as it is enjoyable.

Keep in mind the bike’s fit, as it’s optimized for a specific height range, so it’s always worth double-checking the fit for your unique build.

Buying Guide for Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Frame Material

You’ll find gravel bikes made from various materials. Carbon fiber is lightweight and absorbs vibrations well. Aluminum is affordable and offers a balance of weight and durability.

Steel is known for its strength and ride quality, while titanium combines the best qualities of both steel and carbonhttps://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/22/titanium but at a higher price.

Wheel Size

Consider wheel size based on the terrain you expect to tackle.

  • 700c: Ideal for speed and rolling over larger obstacles.
  • 650b: Offers better maneuverability and a plush ride.

Tire Clearance

Ample tire clearance is essential for versatility. Wider tires (35mm+) provide better traction and comfort on mixed surfaces.


Look for a gravel bike with a wide range of gears. A lower bottom gear is crucial for climbing, especially on rough terrains.


Gravel bikes come with a more relaxed geometry for comfort during long rides. Check for a taller head tube and a longer wheelbase that provides stability.

Mounting Options

Extra mounts for water bottles, racks, and fenders are useful for long rides and bikepacking adventures.

Frame MaterialCarbon, Aluminum, Steel, TitaniumDepends on budget and ride quality preference
Wheel Size700c, 650bMatch terrain and comfort needs
Tire Clearance35mm and aboveFor various surface conditions
GearingWide rangeLower gears for climbing
GeometryRelaxedFor comfort and stability
Mounting OptionsMultipleFor additional gear and storage

Keep these points in mind to navigate the options and find a gravel bike that suits your riding style and adventure needs.

Riding into the Horizon: Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

As our journey through the world of gravel biking concludes, remember that the best women’s gravel bikes are the ones that meet your spirit of adventure head-on.

Whether you’re scaling rugged mountains or cruising down country lanes, the right bike doesn’t just complement your ride; it transforms it.

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