Glitter for Candle Making: Smart Guide with Do’s and Don’ts

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Looking to add some extra sparkle and shine to your candle making game? Glitter for candle making might just be the answer.

That’s right – glitter has become the latest trend in the world of DIY candles, and it’s not hard to see why.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy ambiance, impress your guests with a unique centerpiece, or simply want to try something new, adding glitter to your homemade candles can take them from ordinary to extraordinary.

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In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about using glitter for candle making. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Different types of glitter available
  • Step-by-step instructions how to add glitter to candles
  • Discuss the safety considerations of using mica glitter
  • Tips on how to seal glitter on candles

So, get ready to add some sparkle and pizzazz to your candle making projects with the magic of glitter!

What Kind of Glitter Do You Use for Candles?

If you’re new to the world of glitter for candle making, it can be overwhelming to navigate the different types of glitter available.

Choosing the Right Glitter for Candle-Making

When it comes to adding glitter to candles, choosing the right type of glitter is essential for a successful and safe project. The most important factor to consider when selecting glitter for candles is to use glitter that is specifically designed for use in candles.

Avoid Using Regular Craft Glitter

Never use regular craft glitter or glitter found in children’s art supplies as they can pose a serious fire hazard. These types of glitter are not heat-resistant and can ignite, causing a flame or fire.

Use Candle Grade Glitter

Candle grade glitter is formulated to withstand high temperatures without posing a risk of ignition. This type of glitter is typically made from polyester or other heat-resistant materials that have been coated with a special heat-resistant finish.

Consider the Size of the Glitter Particles

It’s also important to note that the size of the glitter particles used in candle-making should be no larger than 1/256 of an inch to ensure that they will not clog the wick or affect the burn of the candle.

By using the right type of glitter, any candle-making project can sparkle and shine in a safe and beautiful way.

Here are the most common types of glitter used in candle making, along with their benefits and drawbacks:

Polyester Glitter

  • Benefits: Available in a wide range of colors, sparkles brightly, and affordable
  • Drawbacks: Can melt or discolor when exposed to high temperatures, and can be difficult to clean up

Biodegradable Glitter

  • Benefits: Eco-friendly, safe for the environment, and made from plant-based materials
  • Drawbacks: Limited color options, not as sparkly as polyester glitter, and more expensive

Mica Glitter

  • Benefits: Adds a subtle shimmer to candles, easy to work with, and safe for skin contact
  • Drawbacks: Can be expensive, not as sparkly as other types of glitter, and safety concerns due to potential inhalation of fine particles

When choosing a glitter for your candle making projects, consider the effect you want to achieve and the safety implications of each type of glitter.

In the end, the choice of glitter is up to you and what you feel comfortable using in your candle making projects.

How Do You Add Glitter for Candle Making to Homemade Candles?

Now that you know which type of glitter to use, it’s time to learn how to add it to your homemade candles. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Prepare Your Supplies

  1. Gather your candle making supplies, including wax, wick, fragrance oil, and the glitter of your choice
  2. Set up a double boiler or melting pot to melt the wax

Melt the Wax

  1. Melt the wax in a double boiler or melting pot, following the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Add fragrance oil to the melted wax, if desired

Add the Glitter

  1. While the wax is still hot, add the glitter to the melted wax
  2. Stir the glitter into the wax until it is evenly distributed
  3. Be careful not to add too much glitter, as it can affect the quality and burn time of the candle

Pour the Wax into the Container

  1. Once the glitter is evenly distributed, carefully pour the wax into the container
  2. Make sure the wick is centered in the container

Let the Candle Cool and Set

  1. Allow the candle to cool and set for several hours, or overnight
  2. Trim the wick to the appropriate length before burning the candle

Tips and Tricks for Achieving the Desired Level of Glitter in Candles:

  • Start with a small amount of glitter and gradually add more until you achieve the desired level of sparkle
  • Experiment with different glitter colors and sizes to create unique effects
  • For a more subtle effect, use a fine glitter or mix a small amount of glitter with the wax before pouring it into the container
  • Be careful not to add too much glitter, as it can affect the quality and burn time of the candle

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to add glitter to your homemade candles with ease and create dazzling creations that will light up any room.

Is Mica Glitter for Candle Making Safe?

Mica glitter has become a popular choice for adding shimmer and sparkle to candles. However, there are some safety concerns to consider before using mica glitter in your candle-making projects.

Safety Concerns

One of the main concerns with using mica glitter in candles is that it can potentially clog the wick, leading to an uneven burn and possible fire hazard.

Additionally, some mica glitter products may contain heavy metals or other chemicals that could potentially release harmful fumes when heated.

While these risks may seem alarming, they can be easily mitigated by following some simple safety guidelines when using mica glitter in candle-making.

How to Ensure Safe Usage of Mica Glitter

To ensure that your candles remain safe and beautiful, here are some tips for using mica glitter in your candle-making projects:

  • Use mica glitter that is labeled as ‘candle-safe’. This designation indicates that the glitter has been specifically formulated for candle-making and has been tested to ensure its safety.
  • Avoid using large amounts of glitter in your candles, as this can increase the risk of clogging the wick. A general rule of thumb is to use no more than 5% glitter in your candle wax.
  • When adding mica glitter to your candle wax, be sure to mix it thoroughly to ensure that it is evenly distributed. This will not only help to prevent clogs in the wick, but will also create a more aesthetically pleasing finished product.
  • Keep in mind that mica glitter can alter the color of your candle wax, so be sure to test a small amount of glitter in your wax before adding it to the entire batch.
  • Always ensure that your candles are burned in a safe environment and never leave them unattended.

By following these guidelines, you can safely enjoy the beautiful shimmer and sparkle of mica glitter in your homemade candles.

And remember, candle-making should be a fun and enjoyable activity. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different glitter types and combinations to create truly unique and personalized candles.

How to Seal Glitter on Candles

If you’re adding glitter to your candles, it’s important to seal it in properly to prevent it from shedding or flaking off.

Sealing your glitter on candles not only ensures a long-lasting effect but also ensures that the glitter does not create a fire hazard.

The Importance of Sealing Glitter on Candles

Glitter on a candle can create a beautiful and unique appearance, but it can be messy and dangerous if not sealed properly. The glitter can fall off during burning, creating a fire hazard.

Additionally, if the glitter falls off, it can make a mess and damage the candle’s appearance.

Sealing glitter on candles is, therefore, an essential step in ensuring that your candles look beautiful and are safe to use.

Here are some ways to seal glitter on candles safely and effectively.

Guide to Sealing Glitter on Candles

  • Once you have added glitter to your candle, ensure that it is completely dry before sealing it. Let it sit for at least 24 hours in a cool, dry place.
  • Use a spray adhesive, which is specially formulated for use on candles. Spray a thin, even layer over the glitter and allow it to dry completely. This creates a protective coating on the glitter, which is durable and long-lasting.
  • Alternatively, you can apply a layer of clear, unscented wax over the glitter by melting the wax and pouring a thin layer over the glitter. Let it cool and harden completely before lighting your candle.
  • For an extra layer of protection, use a sealer like a clear acrylic spray. It will seal the candle’s glitter and help to prevent it from flaking off or shedding.

Before using any sealant on your candle, make sure that it’s labeled as being safe for candles. Regular spray adhesives or sealants can be highly flammable and could create a fire hazard.

By sealing glitter on candles properly, you can enjoy the beauty of the glitter for a long time to come, while still ensuring that your candles are safe and enjoyable to use.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion to Glitter for Candle Making

Sparkle Your Creativity: Experiment with Glitter in Your Candle Making

Adding glitter to candles is not only a fun way to add a hint of sparkle, but it also allows you to get creative with your candle-making projects, giving them uniqueness and beauty. Don’t be afraid to experiment, let your creativity run wild!

The Beauty of Glitter in Candle Making

glitter for candle making

Glitter is a great way to add an extra layer of beauty, sophistication, and creativity to your candle-making projects. With many colors and sizes to choose from, you can customize your candles to fit any theme, style, or occasion.

You can add glitter to your candles in different ways: you can mix them into the wax at various ratios, sprinkle them on the wax surface, or embed them in the wax.

You can also combine various glitter colors to create new shades, blend different glitter sizes, or even mix glitter with other embellishments such as dried flowers, confetti, or beads, to create a unique appearance.

Final Thoughts on the Trend of Glitter in Candle Making

Glitter has become a popular trend in the candle-making community and for a good reason.

It provides a beautiful and fun way for candle makers to showcase their creativity, add depth, and beauty to the candles.

As with any trend, it’s important to keep in mind the importance of candle safety when using glitter in candle making, such as choosing the right type of glitter and sealing it in properly.

But with the right precautions, adding glitter to your candles can be an incredibly fun, creative, and rewarding experience.

So, go ahead and experiment with glitter in your candle-making projects. Have fun, and who knows, you might even discover some breathtaking and awe-inspiring creations!

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